KTP Consulting - Keep the people growing.
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The ktp consulting difference? Our people!
  • Sue Bradley - Founder, CEO & multitasker
  • Lisa - Branding, design & sustainability
  • Susan - Quality, product & survivor
  • Pamela - Call centers & road warrior
  • Christie - Sales, admin & tranquility
  • Steve - Web guru & researcher
  • Lucy - HR & sage
  • Dwayne - Speaker & motivator
  • Cathy Party maven and trainer
The people of ktp consulting represent your core market; from a corporate perspective.

Most have held executive level positions for direct selling companies (network marketing or party plan).

Just like your core market:

  • Most have families
  • Most have been or are self-employed
  • All either hold or attend parties and presentations on a regular active basis (market research)
  • All have attended network marketing events as guests and as presenters (large and small)
  • All have made changes in their lives to do something they believe in
  • All have learned how to juggle what is important and what they care about
We at ktp consulting bring all of this to you to ---
Keep your people growing!
KTP Consulting - Keep the people growing.